Privacy statement

This statement covers our policy on the privacy of our visitors to which we are committed. It covers in particular how we collect information on our visitors and how we use that information for our purposes. Please read this statement carefully to fully understand the conditions you agree with upon interacting with this website. We do not ask for nor require personal information from you to use this website. Using this website means you fully agree with this privacy statement and terms and conditions.

We do not collect any kind of personal information without your explicit consent. Neither do we sell your information - or data collected related to it - to third parties.

The main aim of collecting data on visitors - through analytics software such as Google Analytics - is to improve the website and make it as user friendly as possible. The data we collect on visitors, such as how they browse through the website, and from which website they came, cannot be used to identify individuals. The data that we collect relates to the browser that visitors use, the resolution of their monitor (viewport), possibly their ip address, cookies and so on.

If you contact us through the contact page, you will voluntarily give us your email address, and possibly your name and website, or other information possibly related to you that you put in the contact form. Again, this data is used only internally and will not be shared with third parties.

If in any case our rights are violated, in illegal ways resulting in course proceedings, we reserve the right, and will be forced, to disclose to legal authorities the necessary information we have on you as a visitor.

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