Our thoughts on the latest, and best, cooling in 2024.

December 28, 2023

On this page we reflect on the best, and latest, cooling in 2024.


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The Essential Role of Cooling in PC Hardware

Cooling in the realm of PC hardware is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Here’s the scoop: all those nifty components inside your desktop or laptop generate heat. Yeah, no surprise. The CPU, GPU, and even your RAM get cozy and toasty when they’re crunching numbers at breakneck speeds. And just like humans on a hot summer day, they need to chill out, literally.

So, why is cooling so crucial, you ask?

In a nutshell, good cooling means preventing your precious PC parts from turning into an expensive paperweight. Don’t overlook it; embrace the fans, the heat sinks, the liquid cooling loops, or whatever other space-age tech you can get your hands on. Your PC’s life could very well depend on it. Keep it cool, keep it running, and keep those frags coming or spreadsheets humming—whichever floats your boat.