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Review: CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 AIO Cooler (2024)

My review of the CoolerMaster ML240L RGB V2: cooling performance, ease of installation, and reliability.
Michael Brown



October 28, 2023


I recently upgraded my cooling setup with the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2. Below I share my thoughts on its performance, installation, and long-term reliability: it seems to be a great AIO cooler.


Property Value Property Value
Product Dimensions 0.43”L x 0.19”W x 0.04”H Brand Cooler Master
Voltage 12 Volts Wattage 260 watts
Cooling Method Water Compatible Devices Desktop
Noise Level 15 dB Material EPDM
Maximum Rotational Speed 1800 RPM


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Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 8 Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 3 Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 2 Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 12 Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 13 Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 11 Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 10 Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 5 Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 6


Design and Aesthetics of the ML240L RGB V2

Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 1

When it comes to the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, the design is something that catches the eye right off the bat. It’s not all about the looks, but let’s be honest, we love it when our rigs have that extra bit of flair.

Here’s the rundown on what stood out to me:

  • RGB Lighting: The customizable RGB lighting is a standout feature that adds vibrancy to any build. It’s not just about colors; it’s about the mood and the personal touch to my gaming station.

  • Pump Design: The pump has a sleek, modern look that’s quite different from its predecessors. The 3rd Gen Dual Chamber Pump isn’t just for show – it’s central to the cooler’s functionality.

  • Fan Aesthetics: The SickleFlow 120 RGB fans included with the ML240L RGB V2 carry a refreshed design, with frosted blades that really make the colors pop.

  • Industrial Grade Seal: It’s not something you see, but knowing the cooler has a high-grade seal gives me peace of mind about its longevity and quality.

But looks aren’t everything. The cooler design must also mesh well with practicality. One drawback I noticed is the sheer number of extras that come with it, likely to cater to various setups, which can be overwhelming and might leave you with a pile of unused parts.

The design suits my tastes; it’s sleek, not too loud visually, and the RGB lighting is a cherry on top, offering that gamer aesthetic without being tacky. Yet, I do have a concern regarding the potential difficulty of cleaning the radiator down the line due to its design - a necessary evil for any high-performing cooling solution.

While I appreciate the increased radiator surface area for better cooling, it does mean you need to ensure your case can accommodate the slightly larger size. No big deal for most mid to large cases, but something to consider.

So, there you have it. The design and aesthetics of the ML240L RGB V2 have been crafted with the user’s visual and performance experience in mind. It’s about striking the balance between aesthetics and functionality, and though this cooler leans a bit more towards form, it doesn’t entirely forsake function, making it a solid addition to any PC builder looking for that extra touch of personality in their setup.

Performance and Cooling Efficiency

Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 2

When it comes to the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, my experience has been largely positive, though it’s not without its flaws. I’ll break down my thoughts into some key points:

  • Cooling Efficiency: The unit does an admirable job of keeping temperatures in check. Whether I’m crunching through video edits or in the heat of an all-night gaming session, my CPU temps have remained well within safe operational limits. This AIO cooler’s improved 3rd Gen Dual Chamber Pump and enlarged radiator surface area really seem to make a difference in heat dissipation.

  • SickleFlow Fans: I’m pretty impressed with the SickleFlow 120 RGB fans. They strike a good balance between airflow and noise — important for those of us who love a silent-working environment. They’re not whisper quiet, but they’re certainly not intrusive. Plus, the RGB lighting gives my setup some personality.

  • RGB Lighting: A big draw for me was the ability to customize the RGB lighting. While it delivers on the visual front and syncs up nicely with my motherboard’s software, there are times I wish there were more seamless integration with other RGB ecosystems.

  • Pump Noise: This is where I have a bit of a gripe. Sometimes, particularly during intense workloads, the pump can be a tad more audible than I’d like.

Here’s a quick rundown:


  • Efficient cooling performance

  • Quality fans with a balance between airflow and noise

  • Customizable RGB lighting that looks great in any setup


  • The pump gets noisy under load

  • Although customizable, RGB integration could be smoother across different products

I’ve also noticed that while the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 is generally effective for most mid-range CPUs, it might struggle with some of the more demanding, high-end processors out there. That said, for my Ryzen 5 3600, it’s been more than sufficient, maintaining lower temps compared to my previous air cooler.

Furthermore, the EPDM industrial-grade seal is a thoughtful inclusion for longevity, and the wide-range compatibility with different sockets including AMD’s AM4 and Intel’s LGA1200 is appreciated.

From a personal viewpoint, my expectations have been met with the MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2. It’s a cooler that hits that sweet spot between performance, aesthetics, and price. Sure, it’s not the only fish in the pond, and if you’re running particularly intensive overclocks or wielding a high TDP CPU, you might consider looking at coolers with more robust cooling capabilities. However, for a balanced build, this CoolerMaster iteration is definitely worth considering.

Installation Process and Compatibility

Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 3

Embarking on the journey of setting up the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, my initial thoughts revolved around compatibility and overall ease of installation. The experience is a mix of straightforward steps juxtaposed with moments requiring a bit more patience.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Compatibility: The kit comes equipped with an array of mounting brackets and hardware, catering to a wide range of CPUs from Intel and AMD. As someone keen on future-proofing, I appreciate CoolerMaster’s inclusion of hardware compatible with Intel’s LGA1700 socket, especially considering that the part for this newer socket had to be purchased separately for other AIO models in the past. However, I did find that the AM4 bracket needed for Ryzen chips wasn’t part of the base package, which was a bit of a letdown.

  • Instructions: Admittedly, the manual isn’t the easiest to digest. It felt like a bit of a puzzle, which could seem daunting for first-timers. Thankfully, I found resources online that supplemented the guide, such as detailed YouTube tutorials that clarified the process.

  • Installation: What I loved was the tool-free mounting solutions—a nice touch for a smoother process. But I’ll be honest, some screw lengths felt like they could use an extra millimeter for comfort, and the excess parts can be overwhelming. You might end up with a small pile of screws that fit nowhere in your rig.

Once I navigated past these points, the real test began. Slotting in the radiator and fans into my case was fairly intuitive. I appreciate the flexibility that CoolerMaster gives in terms of placement, with enough tubing leeway to mount on the top, front, or even the side—depending on your case design. And kudos to CoolerMaster for the PWM control, allowing me to dial in the fan speeds to my liking, a feature that I value for balancing cooling performance with acoustics.

On a side note, while the build quality feels robust, I did notice that the tubing might be slightly short for larger cases, which could potentially limit installation options or put unwanted tension on the components. Something to consider if you’re housing your build in a spacious tower.

In summary, installing the ML240L RGB V2 is akin to a mini adventure—one that pays off with a visually appealing and functional AIO cooler. Sure, it presents some challenges, but nothing that can’t be overcome with a bit of resourcefulness and patience.

Long-Term Use and Reliability

Coolermaster masterliquid ml240l rgb v2 aio cooler 4

Having clocked in several months with the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, I’ve had a good run to test its long-term reliability and overall user satisfaction. Here’s a snapshot of my thoughts:


  • Consistent cooling performance over time.

  • The build quality feels solid, which instills confidence in durability.

  • RGB lighting brings a customizable aesthetic without being overbearing.

  • System remains relatively quiet, a pleasant surprise during late-night gaming sessions.


  • The installation manual could be clearer, potentially saving users some time.

  • Extra parts bundled are a tad excessive, leaving you with unnecessary clutter.

  • Some reports of customer service issues could be concerning to prospective buyers.

In terms of reliability, the dual-chamber pump and SickleFlow fans have worked like a charm. The fear of pump failure or fan noise that you might get with some coolers hasn’t been an issue here – and that’s reassuring. The RGB has functioned flawlessly too, syncing with my system without a glitch. However, the journey hasn’t been without its bumps. The instruction manual threw me off for a bit during installation with its jargon and brevity of explanations. A clearer, more detailed guide would’ve made the setup a breeze.

The inclusion of every conceivable accessory and bracket under the sun left me with a pile of parts I simply had no use for. I appreciate CoolerMaster covering all bases for compatibility, but this “everything but the kitchen sink” approach might be overkill. It’s both a blessing and a curse as it’s great for ensuring you have what you need but not so great for the environment or my storage space.

On occasions, I’ve heard that reaching out to customer service can be a mixed bag. While my experience has been relatively smooth, having kept an eye on forums and user feedback, it’s evident that some users have had less than stellar interactions. This is something to keep in mind, as good customer support can make or break the user experience, especially if you encounter issues down the line.

In conclusion, the ML240L RGB V2 has secured its spot in my setup with its consistent performance and quiet cooling. It’s shown itself to be a dependable workhorse, keeping temperatures in check even under the stress of heavy loads. Despite some minor hiccups predominantly related to the installation process and the odd customer support quibble, its strengths certainly make a strong case for its inclusion in budget-conscious yet performance-oriented builds.