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My review of the Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX AIO CPU Cooler (2024)

My thoughts on Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX: cooling efficiency, design, noise levels, and setup.
Robert Williams



January 8, 2024


I recently bought the Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX for my gaming setup. Cooling systems are crucial for maintaining a high-performing PC, and this AIO cooler has some great features which I elaborate on below.


Property Value Property Value
Product Dimensions 15.51”L x 1.07”W x 4.71”H Brand Cooler Master
Voltage 9 Volts Wattage 6 watts
Cooling Method Water Compatible Devices Radiator
Noise Level 15 dB Material Copper
Maximum Rotational Speed 2200 RPM


Initial Impressions and Aesthetic Appeal

A close-up of the cooler master masterliquid pl360 flux aio cpu cooler focusing on the detailed rgb lighting

Upon unboxing the Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX, I was immediately struck by the product’s sleek and modern design. On the aesthetic front, here’s what stood out to me:

  • Robust Build Quality: The materials felt premium and gave off a sense of durability that speaks to the overall build quality of the AIO cooler.

  • RGB Lighting: With the rising trend of RGB in gaming rigs, the Addressable Gen 2 RGB is definitely a highlight, offering a vibrant and customizable light show within the PC case.

However, like any product, it’s not without its minor drawbacks. I noticed that the fans, while aesthetically pleasing, do not support ARGB daisy-chaining, which could complicate cable management for some users.

Let me break down my initial thoughts:

Aesthetic Appeal

  • + Sleek, modern design that fits well in most gaming setups
  • + Premium materials convey a high-quality feel
  • + Customizable RGB lighting adds visual interest
  • - Lack of ARGB daisy chaining on the fans could be an oversight for users seeking a cleaner build

Sure, looks aren’t everything—but they are something, especially when you’re building a PC that doubles as a centerpiece in your room. The Cooler MasterPL360 FLUX undeniably adds that ‘wow’ factor, with a design that accentuates my setup. The new SickleFlow fan blades and interconnecting loop not only contribute to its functionality but also to its futuristic appearance. It’s a showcase item; when the lights dim, the cooler takes the spotlight, syncing beautifully with my motherboard’s lighting scheme.

The cooler’s overall design leans more towards a utilitarian yet chic style, with a slimmer radiator profile and enhanced fin density, which is functional but also keeps the setup looking uncluttered. When I’m considering my PC’s layout, I appreciate components that manage to balance both performance and presentation—this cooler does that.

But when I mention the lack of an ARGB daisy chain feature, it’s worth noting that for a build with a focus on aesthetics, having to manage extra cables can be a mild annoyance. Nonetheless, the visual impact of the installed cooler has a significant net positive effect on the look of my setup.

To conclude, as the visual component is inevitably tied to personal preference, the aesthetic appeal of the Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX fits right into my criteria for a stylish and high-performing AIO liquid cooler. Although the minor inconvenience of cable management for ARGB couldn’t go unnoticed, it is a small price to pay for the otherwise spot-on design execution of this cooler.

Performance and Cooling Efficiency

A thermal image of a cpu under load before and after using the cooler master masterliquid pl360 flux

When evaluating the Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 Flux cooler, several aspects jump out regarding its performance and cooling efficiency. The cutting-edge technology employed by Cooler Master in this model resonates strongly with its commitment to cooling prowess. Let’s break down some of the key features:

  • Dual Chamber Pump: The compact yet powerful pump drives balanced water flow and maintains pressure, leading to efficient cooling.

  • Ceramic Bearing Impeller: This feature within the high-speed motor ensures a sustained and force-balanced flow of liquid, which is crucial for heat dissipation.

  • PL-Flux Specific Fans: The inter-connecting blades stabilize performance at high speeds while the uniquely angled design enhances air intake.

  • Radiator Design: The slim profile does not compromise on fin density, ensuring heat is whisked away quickly.

Firstly, the enhanced surface area of the copper base combined with meticulously calculated microchannels underscores a commitment to superior heat transfer. I noticed a significant difference when comparing it to previous cooling solutions I have used. The level of customization through the Addressable Gen 2 RGB supports the ability to sync with my motherboard’s lighting ecosystem, adding a welcomed customizable aesthetic dimension which, while not directly related to cooling performance, suggests a level of sophistication in design that often correlates with craftsmanship throughout.

Despite its strengths, one cannot overlook certain drawbacks. The stiff tubing can be a bit troublesome during installation, making it a bit of a wrestling match to get everything to fit just right, especially in tighter case configurations. The lack of daisy-chaining for ARGB fans also adds to cable management challenges, requiring additional purchases or more complex setup steps to achieve the ideal aesthetic outcome.

Additionally, the noise level, while generally acceptable, can be an area of concern for some users. While I do not prioritize absolute silence, and the noise is largely not intrusive, users with a need for near-silent operations might find themselves weighing the cooling performance against the auditory footprint.

Here’s a quick rundown of the highs and lows:


  • Outstanding cooling performance and efficiency.

  • Well-designed pump and fan assembly that targets heat effectively.

  • Impressive RGB customization options that enhance overall aesthetics.

  • High-quality materials lend to a durable and robust build.


  • Tubing stiffness can complicate installation.

  • ARGB setup can be cumbersome without daisy-chaining capability.

  • Higher fan speeds may produce noise levels that are noticeable for some.

Overall, my assessment leans positively because the Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 Flux delivers where it counts: keeping temperatures low under a variety of stress conditions. The considerations and potential drawbacks do not heavily detract from its standout performance. With this liquid cooler, I have confidence that my system will maintain cool, even when under a heavy load, and still have the flashy looks to show off in any high-end PC build.

Installation and Compatibility

An assortment of included mounting brackets and tools laid out neatly next to the installation manual

When I first got my hands on the Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX, I was keen to see how it would fit into my existing gaming rig. Assembling a PC can occasionally throw up a few compatibility issues, even with something designed for convenience like an AIO cooler. Here’s what I found with the PL360 FLUX:

  1. Motherboard Compatibility: This cooler supports a wide range of sockets, from the latest AMD Ryzen AM5/AM4 to Intel’s LGA1700/1200 and more. You won’t have trouble fitting this to most current boards, which is a big plus.
  2. Size and Fit: With a product dimension of 15.51”L x 1.07”W x 4.71”H, the cooler sat nicely in my mid-tower case. However, those with a more compact setup should measure their clearances to be sure the radiator and fans will fit without obstruction, especially near RAM modules.
  3. Installation Process: Installation was fairly simple and in line with other AIO coolers I’ve worked with. However, the tubes were a bit stiff, requiring some careful manipulation. This is where an extra pair of hands can come in handy, making sure not to put undue stress on the connectors.

The prime highlight for me was the dual chamber pump. Its compact yet robust construction showcases a meticulous balance between flow and pressure, which is quite admirable. It is evident that Cooler Master has put considerable thought into this aspect for optimal cooling without the bulkiness.

Notwithstanding its many merits, I did face a minor annoyance — the fans don’t have ARGB daisy chaining. So, for those who love their light shows, prepare to get an additional splitter or occupy multiple headers, which seems like an oversight for such an otherwise well-designed product. Moreover, the rigidity of the tubing might be a drawback for some, although it did not overly complicate installation for me.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning the support for the Addressable Gen 2 RGB. With major motherboard manufacturers in mind, this feature lets you customize your PC’s lighting to your preferences, either through the included controller or Cooler Master’s MasterPlus+ software. While I’m not one to fuss over RGB lighting, the thoughtful inclusion is certainly a pleasant perk for the aesthetically inclined.

In summary, the MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX impresses with both its inclusive design and ease of installation. As long as you’re aware of and prepared for the minor inconveniences, it’s a solid all-around choice with the promise of a cooler and quieter PC experience.

Longevity and Noise Level

A decibel meter displaying the low noise level next to the operating cooler master masterliquid pl360 flux

When it comes to PC cooling, longevity and noise level play pivotal roles in the overall satisfaction with a liquid cooler. The Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX promises a blend of both, offering features designed to extend the life of the unit while maintaining acoustic comfort. Here’s a glance at what stood out:

  • Longevity: The ceramic bearing impeller in the high-speed motor and the dual chamber pump design suggest a durability that’s reassuring. The use of quality materials, such as the copper base, hints at a product built to last. Moreover, a 5-year warranty backs these claims, giving extra peace of mind about the long-term reliability of this cooling system.

  • Noise Level: Despite its focus on high performance, the fans operate impressively quiet at low to mid speeds. However, at speeds beyond 23%, there is a noticeable sound, which some might find bothersome if a quiet operation is a priority.

In my personal use, I’ve been pleased with the cooler’s performance. It’s kept temperatures consistently low under both idle and load conditions. When running-intensive tasks or gaming sessions, I want to be assured that my system won’t overheat, and the PL360 FLUX has delivered on this aspect without a hitch.

As for the noise level, it’s been a mixed bag. At lower speeds, the fans are nearly silent, which has been perfect for my work environment where I value a quiet cooler. However, ramping up the speed leads to a level of noise that, while not excessive, is noticeable. It’s a trade-off between cooling efficiency and acoustics that is common with many coolers, and the PL360 FLUX is no exception.

One particular drawback worth mentioning is the fan’s rattling at certain speeds, which can be a deal-breaker for some. This could potentially be a quality control issue or a result of case compatibility and installation nuances.

In conclusion, my time with the Cooler Master MasterLiquid PL360 FLUX can be described as largely positive. Its effective cooling capability, build quality, and ease of installation make it a solid contestant in the market. For those who prioritize quiet operation, this cooler does a respectable job at lower speeds, though it can be a little loud when running full tilt. It’s a reliable addition to a gaming rig or workstation where cooler longevity is just as important as immediate cooling performance. If asked whether I would recommend it based on these two criteria, my answer would be a resounding yes, with the caveat to consider the noise aspect based on personal sensitivity.