The latest and newest SSDs (2024)

Our thoughts on the latest, and best, SSDS in 2024.

December 26, 2023

On this page we reflect on the best, and latest, SSDs in 2024.


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The Practicality of SSDs

Solid-state drives (SSDs) have rapidly become a preferred choice for both personal and professional storage needs, and their widespread popularity is no fluke. Here’s a run-down on why these nifty devices might just be the unsung heroes of our digital lives:

In the bustling office environment or the quiet of a home study, SSDs keep things moving. You can open applications almost immediately, and those large files that seemed to take an age to copy now move at speeds that won’t leave you tapping your fingers impatiently.

Moreover, SSDs provide a breath of fresh air to older computers. Installing an SSD is like giving your sluggish PC or aging MacBook a shot of adrenaline. Suddenly, that old machine has a new lease on life, skipping along with the sprightliness of a device half its age.

And while SSDs are still a touch more expensive per gigabyte than their hard disk drive (HDD) counterparts, prices have plummeted in recent years, putting them within reach of most budgets. So next time you’re waiting for your computer to wheeze its way to life, consider whether an SSD might be the simplest way to reclaim those precious lost seconds—and your sanity.