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My experience with the Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB SSD Black (2024)

My thoughts on using Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB SSD: speed, endurance, issues, and value over time
Donald Moore



November 16, 2023


I recently picked up a Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB SSD (which has the latest PCIe Gen4 technology). I’ve been hoping for this drive to improve my system’s speed and efficiency - which it quite does. Below are my thoughts.


Property Value Property Value
Digital Storage Capacity 8000 GB Hard Disk Interface NVMe
Connectivity Technology USB Brand Corsair
Special Feature Hardware Encryption Hard Disk Form Factor 2280 Inches
Hard Disk Description Solid State Drive Compatible Devices Desktop
Installation Type Internal Hard Drive Color Black


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Corsair mp600 pro nh 8tb ssd black 23 Corsair mp600 pro nh 8tb ssd black 2 Corsair mp600 pro nh 8tb ssd black 7 Corsair mp600 pro nh 8tb ssd black 8 Corsair mp600 pro nh 8tb ssd black 20


Harnessing Speed with Gen4 Technology

Corsair mp600 pro nh 8tb ssd black 1

Harnessing the speed of the latest PCIe Gen4 technology with the Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB SSD has been, for the most part, a genuine thrill ride. Let’s get straight to the point; the speed boost over previous generations is no joke. We’re talking about a theoretical 7,000MB/sec read and 6,500MB/sec write speeds, which, honestly, are numbers that make any tech enthusiast’s heart race.

Here’s the deal in a nutshell:


  • Blazing-fast data transfer speeds that significantly reduce load times.

  • Future-proof with Gen4 technology as motherboards and platforms evolve.

  • Ample 8TB capacity that’s a luxury for gamers and content creators alike.


  • Not all systems can fully utilize Gen4 speeds due to compatibility.

  • The packaging seemed a bit flimsy, though it arrived safely.

  • Price point is on the higher end, naturally.

Booting up Windows, loading games, or transferring files feels like it’s happening in real-time, and in the world of high-performance computing, that’s not just preferable; it’s expected. The MP600 leverages that Gen4 PCIe tech to the hilt, giving it a significant edge in tasks where milliseconds matter.

But here’s the rub: not every system will let this SSD strut its stuff. The Gen4 speeds are intoxicating—if your rig supports it. For those on older hardware, the MP600 gets bottlenecked, running at Gen3 speeds, which are admittedly still quick but nowhere near its potential. And if you’re using external USB enclosures, well, that’s another story as you’re even further from the drive’s potential peak performance.

Those caveats aside, the actual experience of using this drive has been impressively consistent. Game loading screens practically vanish before your eyes, and file transfers that once were coffee-break long are now mere blinks—pure joy for productivity and leisure activities.

In terms of user experience, while my experience is different from some reviews, I sympathize with those who’ve had hitches. A drive failing to clone or not being recognized are valid frustrations, and while personally, I haven’t hit any snags, it’s a reminder that cutting-edge gear can come with teething problems.

Despite the drawbacks, the Corsair MP600 PRO NH remains a beast. And let’s face it, when it works, and your system is up to snuff, this is one internal marvel that’s hard to beat. It’s not just fast; it’s a glimpse into the future of storage technology, and having an 8TB drive feels like owning a piece of the next-gen puzzle. The accompanying five-year warranty speaks volumes about its durability and Corsair’s confidence in their product, making it a significant investment for tech enthusiasts looking to push the envelope.

Longevity and Endurance of High-Density TLC NAND

Corsair mp600 pro nh 8tb ssd black 2

When I first got my hands on the Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB SSD, I was primarily excited about the sheer speed it promised, but there’s another aspect that’s equally essential – the longevity and endurance of high-density TLC NAND. Let’s break down why this matters:

  • Endurance: With up to 6,000TB Written, the drive can handle heavy write loads over its lifetime. This is crucial for content creators like myself who are constantly saving large files.

  • TLC NAND: The high-density triple-level cell (TLC) NAND used offers a great balance between performance and cost. While it might not have the same endurance as MLC or SLC, for the majority of users, it hits the sweet spot.

  • Warranty: Backed by a comforting five-year warranty, it gives peace of mind that this drive can endure the long haul of intense daily use.

One minor drawback, however, is that TLC NAND can’t quite compete with the even higher-endurance MLC or SLC NAND, which can be a consideration for those looking to use the drive in exceptionally write-intensive environments.

As someone who’s relied on multiple storage solutions over the years, I’ve come to value endurance almost as much as performance. Having had drives fail on me in the past, I can attest that durability isn’t just a nice-to-have but a must, especially when workflows involve constant data traffic.

What sets the Corsair MP600 PRO NH apart for me is that it doesn’t lean too heavily on theoretical performance at the expense of reliability. I’ve pushed the SSD with significant write operations - from high-resolution video editing to moving large game library folders – and it hasn’t flinched. Trust me, it’s a different kind of satisfaction knowing that your SSD can not just run fast, but also run the distance.

I must note though, despite the impressive endurance specs, I’m still a little wary. The tech world is full of “up to” claims that don’t always pan out. But so far, the drive lives up to its promise, and that five-year warranty offers an extra layer of confidence.

Regular users may never hit the upper limits of the TBW (terabytes written) spec, but for someone like me - always editing, always moving files - it’s reassuring to know that the drive won’t give up easily. And that’s the kind of reliability that makes the Corsair MP600 PRO NH a silent backbone in my tech setup.

You could think of the SSD’s endurance like a well-trained marathon runner - it’s in it for the long run, matching pace with my needs. Sure, I’m cautious with my optimism; no drive is invincible. But with the MP600 PRO NH, the balance between high speed and high endurance feels just right.

Installation Challenges and Compatibility Issues

Corsair mp600 pro nh 8tb ssd black 3

When integrating the Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB SSD into my setup, I was excited about the boost in speed and storage it promised. However, I faced some bumps along the road. Here’s a breakdown of my experiences:

  • Cloning Challenges: Despite my excitement to transition, cloning my existing system to the Corsair SSD wasn’t smooth sailing. Software like Acronis and EaseUS Partition Manager ran into issues when attempting the clone, which was frustrating, to say the least.

  • Toolbox Incompatibility: I expected the Corsair SSD Toolbox to make things easier, but it failed to even start the clone process. Compatibility errors are the last thing you want when you’re geared up for an upgrade.

  • Packaging Concerns: I’ll admit, the packaging didn’t exude confidence. For such a high-end product, I expected packaging that reassured me of its safety during transit.

On the plus side:

  • Instant Recognition: Once installed, the SSD was immediately recognized by my RAID setup, so no hassles there.

  • Performance as Promised: For all the installation woes, once up and running, the SSD’s performance is undeniable. Games load faster, and file transfers zip by in a blink.

My thoughts? While the initial setup hiccups were annoying, they don’t overshadow the drive’s breathtaking performance. However, be prepared for some troubleshooting if you’re planning to clone your drive. Here are some insights I wish I had known beforehand:

  • Always have updated cloning software at your disposal. Compatibility with the latest drives is key.

  • Don’t underestimate the need for a robust packaging, especially when ordering online.

  • Check seller reviews scrupulously. Issues like receiving a 4TB drive instead of an 8TB can be a real bummer.

Though the installation wasn’t plug-and-play, it’s par for the course with cutting-edge tech. Once installed, the SSD is a beast, and I’ve got no regrets about my purchase. It is indeed super fast and reliable, which makes the initial challenges just a small blip in the grand scheme of things. The Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB SSD promises a lot and, installation issues aside, it delivers.

Overall Value and Long-Term Usage Impressions

Corsair mp600 pro nh 8tb ssd black 4

In the sea of storage options, the Corsair MP600 PRO NH 8TB SSD has been a mainstay in my setup for a good while now. After months of use, weighing the pros and cons feels almost second nature. Here’s a quick rundown:


  • Exceptional speed boost in daily tasks.

  • Whopping 8TB capacity holds everything I need and then some.

  • Longevity seems promising with the high TBW rating.


  • Did run into some initial setup hiccups.

  • A premium price tag—not for the faint of heart.

The boost in speed is undeniable—games load quicker, files zip around without hesitation, and my boot times have significantly shaved down. The jolt in responsiveness makes my workflow feel smoother. I’m holding more data on my primary drive now than ever before, thanks to the massive 8TB space. Knowing the drive is rated for up to 6,000TB written gives me peace of mind; I’m counting on this SSD to last for years to come.

Yet, it wasn’t all plug-and-play. The setup gave me a slight headache, but once past that hurdle, performance has been rock-solid. And the cost—well, it’s steep. But, I see it as an investment; the Corsair MP600 PRO NH has been reliable and robust, justifying its position as a premium product.

Purchasing through Amazon went smoothly, and the drive’s authenticity was confirmed. The absence of a pre-installed heatsink did have me scrambling to find one that fit the bill—something to consider if you’re looking to maximize this drive’s potential.

It’s been a game-changer for my virtual machine setups too—latency is a thing of the past. And the day I snagged it for a bargain was a sweet victory. Though the market can be sketchy with mixed experiences from other buyers—endorsements lost to third-party seller mishaps—I lucked out. Other users beware: always check the seller and their reputation.

Admittedly, the price stung, especially given my laptop’s Gen3 limitation, curbing the SSD’s full Gen4 potential. Looking ahead, this latent power will unleash once I upgrade my hardware—a future-proofing comfort.

To conclude, the MP600 PRO NH is about bridging today’s performance with tomorrow’s possibilities, and despite a few snags, I’m convinced of its value. Each file loaded in record time, every massive game library accommodated, affirms my choice. Would I recommend it? For the serious user yearning for top-tier performance and capacity, absolutely—just prepare for that initial setup adventure and assure your system can harness its full potential.