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My impressions of the SAMSUNG 850 EVO 500GB SATA III Internal SSD (2024)

Trying out the Samsung 850 EVO SSD: performance, design, security, and durability.
Douglas Cheston



December 30, 2023


I recently upgraded my computer with the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD and it’s made quite a difference in how I use my machine. Everything works faster, from booting up to transferring files. I didn’t realize how much time I spent waiting on my old hard drive until I made the switch. In this article, I go over the key aspects of this SSD, including its performance, design compatibility, security features, and the warranty offered by Samsung.


Property Value Property Value
Digital Storage Capacity 500 GB Connectivity Technology SATA
Brand SAMSUNG Special Feature Portable
Hard Disk Form Factor 2.5 Inches Hard Disk Description Solid State Drive
Compatible Devices Laptop Installation Type Internal Hard Drive
Color Black-a Hard Disk Size 500 GB


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Performance Boosts in Everyday Computing

Samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd 1

Upgrading to the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD proved to be a significant step up from my old hard drive. The performance boost was immediately noticeable right from the startup – my computer now boots in just a fraction of the time it used to take. For anyone sitting on the fence about whether an SSD upgrade is worth it, let me share some firsthand benefits:

  • Rapid Start-Up: With the 850 EVO, my system boots up in seconds. It’s a game-changer for those mornings when I need to start working right away.

  • Speedy File Transfers: Moving large files or folders around used to be a time to grab a coffee. Now, with impressive sequential read/write speeds of up to 540MB/s and 520MB/s respectively, I barely have time to blink before it’s done.

  • Efficient Multi-tasking: Juggling multiple applications is now a breeze. Lag has become a thing of the past—even with resource-heavy software.

Now, to be transparent, there were a couple of minor drawbacks. The lack of a mounting bracket or spacer was a bit inconvenient, but easily remedied with a quick online purchase. And while the price per gigabyte might seem steep for some budgets, I believe the performance gains justify the cost.

From a day-to-day perspective, the Samsung 850 EVO didn’t just meet expectations; it exceeded them. The difference in responsiveness and efficiency is stark. Whether it’s launching applications, performing system maintenance, or gaming, the SSD keeps pace without breaking a sweat. It’s reassuring to know that my daily tasks won’t be hampered by sluggish loading times or stuttering performance.

That being said, I did encounter a learning curve with formatting for dual-platform compatibility. Ensuring it worked seamlessly between my PC and Mac setup required some initial setup and research. I recommend checking compatibility and planning ahead if you’re in a similar situation.

Personal use aside, from what I’ve gathered, reviews point to the Samsung Magician software being a nifty tool for drive optimization, although I’ve chosen to stick to my systems’ native tools.

In conclusion, my experience with the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD has been a resounding success. It’s all about real-world performance, and this SSD delivers on all fronts. If you’re looking for an unmistakable speed enhancement and reliability from your storage device, this SSD is a strong contender.

Design and Compatibility Across Devices

Samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd 2

When it comes to upgrading computer hardware, few things offer as palpable an improvement as switching out an old hard drive for a solid-state drive. With the SAMSUNG 850 EVO 500GB SSD, I’ve found that the blend of design and compatibility stands out.

Here’s my quick list of pros that have caught my attention:

  • Universal Fit: The 2.5-inch form factor snugly fits my aging laptop, breathing in a fresh lease on life.

  • Varied Use Cases: Whether I’m using it in a desktop, laptop, or planning to rig it into an ultrabook, the versatility is admirable.

  • Effortless Setup: Without fail, it’s plug-and-play across the board, and the compatibility with operating systems is hassle-free.

However, there are some cons to consider:

  • No mounting hardware included – a minor inconvenience, but worth noting if you’re not prepared.

  • If you’re using a super-thin laptop or need a more compact solution, the standard size might be a bit bulky.

In my daily use, I found that installing the SSD into my laptop was practically seamless. Windows 10 picked it up instantly, and the same went for trying it out on a friend’s Linux machine. Business users or those with multiple devices will appreciate that Samsung designed this SSD with broad compatibility in mind.

As a touch of icing on the cake, transitioning to the SSD has been an organizational boon for my data. Whether I’m storing hefty video files or a myriad of documents, the 500GB capacity means I’m not juggling multiple external drives or cloud storage solutions.

While I’m impressed with the hardware’s seamless interaction with different devices, I did notice a minor drawback. Some folks may be put off by the absence of additional gear like screws or brackets. However, given the standard size, sourcing mounting hardware wasn’t a big deal and easy to come by, ensuring that this wasn’t a major hurdle for me.

After weeks of using the SSD across various devices, any concerns regarding design and compatibility melted away. It’s a solid reminder that technology doesn’t always have to be cutting-edge to be effective; sometimes, it just has to fit well into our digital ecosystem. The SAMSUNG 850 EVO 500GB SSD does precisely that and is a commendable choice for those looking to boost their computer’s capabilities without embarking on a complex upgrade journey.

Security and Data Protection Features

Samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd 3

When it comes to securing my data on the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD, there’s a lot to appreciate. Boasting an AES 256-bit hardware-based encryption, this SSD keeps my files under a strong layer of protection that doesn’t compromise performance. This is a huge plus for me since I handle sensitive client data regularly.

Here’s a quick rundown of the security features that stood out to me:

  • Hardware-based Encryption: The AES 256-bit encryption ensures data is kept secure, so even if the drive falls into the wrong hands, the contents remain inaccessible without the proper credentials.

  • TCG Opal 2.0: The drive is compliant with TCG Opal 2.0 standards, which means it’s up to date with current industry security protocols.

  • Dynamic Thermal Guard: This feature constantly monitors and maintains the right temperature to prevent overheating, which could potentially harm the SSD or compromise data integrity.

  • Device Sleep Mode: For Windows users, the support for Device Sleep helps keep data secure even when the system is in a low-power state.

However, while these features are impressive, there is a potential drawback: the reliance on software such as Samsung’s Magician for setting up and managing these security features. If you’re not tech-savvy, configuring security settings might require a bit of a learning curve or possibly additional support.

Another note is on the encryption; while it’s a fantastic security measure, it’s imperative to remember the password. If you forget it, you’re out of luck—the drive doesn’t offer a password recovery method which can result in being locked out of your own data.

A minor annoyance for me, personally, was the lack of included cables or brackets for installation. While not a direct security concern, it could be a hassle for someone who expects a plug-and-play scenario out of the box—something to consider if you’re upgrading a system for the first time and are unfamiliar with the requirements.

In terms of maintaining data integrity, the SSD’s built-in features have worked seamlessly for me. Files remain intact and the system is responsive, even when thermally throttled to maintain safe operation temperatures—vital when considering long-term data storage and the prevention of data loss.

All in all, the Samsung 850 EVO balances performance and security admirably. The inclusion of robust encryption and compliance with industry standards gives me the confidence to store sensitive information without worry. It’s not without its potential challenges for the less tech-savvy, but those who prioritize data protection will find a lot of value in these features.

Longevity and Warranty Promise

Samsung 850 evo 500gb ssd 4

One of the factors I take into account when choosing a new SSD for my computer setup is the longevity and warranty offered by the manufacturer. With the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD, there are a few key points that I keep coming back to:

  • 5-Year Limited Warranty: Knowing that I have coverage for five years gives me peace of mind. It indicates that Samsung trusts in the endurance of their product.

  • TBW (Terabytes Written): With up to 150 TBW for the 500GB model, this SSD promises a good lifespan even under heavy use.

  • V-NAND Technology: This is designed to offer better performance over an extended period compared to traditional NAND.

However, with these promises, it’s important to remember that SSD longevity is also impacted by how you use your computer. If you’re someone who constantly moves large files or runs demanding applications that write a lot of data, wear can be accelerated.

In terms of the warranty, Samsung’s terms state that they will cover up to 150 TBW or 5 years, whichever comes first. This “whichever comes first” clause is standard across many manufacturers, but it does mean that if you are an exceptionally heavy user, you might reach the data written limit before the time limit. On the flip side, for light to moderate use, hitting the TBW limit before the time warranty likely won’t be a concern.

I also pay attention to the process of warranty claims. I have heard that Samsung generally handles the process well, though it can vary depending on your location. It’s reassuring, though, to know that if an issue arises within the warranty period, there is a system in place to address it.

Here are the standout points for me:

  • Positive: The length of the warranty and the TBW are very competitive for the price point.

  • Consideration: How the warranty applies to you might vary depending on your use case.

  • Tip: Make sure to keep an eye on your SSD’s health with Samsung’s Magician software.

Overall, the warranty and longevity claims of the Samsung 850 EVO line strike me as a firm commitment to quality and reliability. These factors, coupled with the SSD’s performance and compatibility features that are covered elsewhere in this article, make the 850 EVO an appealing choice. While there may be faster drives on the market or ones with even longer warranty terms, for balance among cost, performance, and assurance, Samsung’s offering hits a sweet spot for users like me. It’s not just about having a drive that runs fast out of the box—it’s about one that maintains its performance over time and has the backing of a solid warranty to boot.