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My review of the ALSEYE Infinity i360 White AIO Cooler (2024)

The ALSEYE Infinity i360 cooler: design, installation, performance, software.
Daniel Anderson



December 30, 2023


I recently got my hands on the ALSEYE Infinity i360 White AIO Cooler after, in a storage, noticing its clean white design and promising specs. I describe my experience with it below.


Property Value Property Value
Product Dimensions 15.59”L x 1.06”W x 4.72”H Brand ALSEYE
Power Connector Type 4pin pwm, 5v 3pin Voltage 12 Volts
Cooling Method Water, Air Compatible Devices Desktop
Material Abs, Aluminum, Ceramic, Copper Maximum Rotational Speed 2200 RPM


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Design and Aesthetics of the ALSEYE Infinity i360 White AIO Cooler

Alseye infinity i360 white aio cooler 1

When first unboxing the ALSEYE Infinity i360 White AIO Cooler, the immediate impression is one of sleek sophistication. The pristine white design of the radiator and fans scream premium and the double LED linear lights on the pump head add a touch of class that could easily become the centerpiece of any high-end build.

Here’s a quick rundown of the aesthetics:

  • Premium white finish that can complement a variety of build themes.

  • LED lighting that provides a futuristic ambiance without being too in-your-face.

  • LCD screen on the pump for real-time temperature and frequency display.

  • Clean and crisp design lines that showcase quality craftsmanship.

Though the marketing puts a spotlight on the cooler’s design and lighting, I might have preferred a more subdued approach to LED effects. However, these are easily controlled and customizable, so it’s more of a nitpick than a serious drawback. The combination of Abs, Aluminum, Ceramic, and Copper materials not only contributes to the cooler’s efficiency but also adds to its overall aesthetic with their contrasting yet harmonious appearance.

The snap-in connection structure of the i120 fans is a major plus – it makes for a tidy installation, minimizing wire clutter, which is crucial for maintaining that clean-looking setup. The fans themselves are a point of intersection where aesthetics meets practicality; the ARGB lighting offers a customizable visual while the PWM control ensures low noise output which is always appreciated.

Speaking of noise, the operation is indeed low noise, even under load. It’s the kind of hushed whir that we all crave, especially for late-night gaming or work sessions. No one wants a jet engine beside their desk, and the i360 keeps things whisper-quiet.

While the price point feels a tad on the higher side, the value proposition becomes more justifiable when considering the real-time feedback via LCD and the inclusive software controls. However, there is something to be said about the price-to-performance ratio here. We always want just a bit more for our dollar, and I think if it dipped closer to the $125 mark, it would hit the sweet spot for value-conscious enthusiasts.

Having interacted with the seller regarding a query, I found their responsiveness commendable – excellent customer service does add value to the overall user experience. This cooler has delivered on its promised blend of style and functionality, and I can recommend the i360 as a solid choice for those looking to elevate their rig’s aesthetics without sacrificing cooling performance.

Installation Process and Compatibility with Various Sockets

Alseye infinity i360 white aio cooler 2

The ALSEYE Infinity i360 White AIO Cooler’s installation process is a prime example of simplicity meeting functionality. Here’s what struck me immediately:

  • Compatibility: The i360 is versatile with its range of compatible sockets, catering to both Intel (including the new LGA 1700) and AMD platforms. This compatibility is a big plus, especially considering the frequent socket changes from manufacturers.

  • Manual: Instructions are clear and concise, a relief for anyone who’s ever struggled with poorly written guides.

  • Installation: Snap-and-lock fans and a straightforward cable connecting system smooth out the process, making it user-friendly.

However, it’s not all sunshine and roses. There’s potential for confusion regarding the LED light connections—especially for those unfamiliar with pc-building intricacies. My motherboard, an ROG Strix z690-e gaming wifi, lists Aura RGB support, which caused a bit of a mix-up with the cooler’s ARGB features. A deeper dive into motherboard specs beforehand or reference to the manual could prevent such hiccups.

Also, while I appreciate the simplicity of using just a single SATA connection for the included fans, I faced an issue with one fan that wouldn’t spin consistently. The culprit could be incorrect cable installation or a hardware glitch I wasn’t able to pinpoint immediately.

Despite these mild setbacks, setting up the cooler itself was a breeze. The 360mm radiator fits snugly in the case, even with its substantial size, and the pure copper base sits well on the CPU, covering it fully for optimal heat transfer.

Linking up the cooler with my rig, the results were satisfying. My i9-12900k temperature readings sit comfortably at around 30°C, which indicates that the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 AIO Cooler isn’t just eye candy—it’s actually pulling its weight. And good thing there is no detectable noise from the pump or the fans; it’s silent operation at its best.

In giving final thoughts on this cooler, I’d highlight just how beginner-friendly the setup really is. Sure, the minor hiccoughs with the RGB lighting and a possibly faulty fan are drawbacks, but they are not deal-breakers. The instruction manual and well-thought-out design smoothed out most potential issues.

And let’s face it: the ALSEYE Infinity i360 cooler offers a level of ease that could turn even a first-time builder into a confident DIY-er. That, coupled with the performance, provides good value, albeit with a slight nudge towards the pricier side. If it hit the market at about $125, it would be a steal.

Performance and Cooling Efficiency

Alseye infinity i360 white aio cooler 3

When it comes to the overall performance and cooling efficiency of the ALSEYE Infinity i360 White AIO Cooler, I’ve got some thoughts to share. First off, the 360mm thick radiator is a heavyweight when it comes to dissipating heat. Coupled with the high-density micro-water circuit design, it does a decent job maintaining low temperatures even under substantial loads.

Here’s a quick rundown of my observations:


  • The pure copper radiator base optimizes thermal conductivity, handling my CPU with ease.

  • PWM control on the ARGB i120 fans allows for fine-tuning of the cooling performance.

  • Temperatures for my i9-12900k hovered around 30°C, which is impressive.


  • The cooler is slightly on the expensive side—I reckon a price around $125 would feel more justified.

  • Ran into some snags with LED lighting and had a hiccup with one fan’s functionality, which may point to quality control issues.

The integration with their software “BEM” is neat. I can keep a close eye on my CPU and GPU temperatures and frequencies in real-time, which, for a stats geek like me, is super satisfying. The three 120mm ARGB fans are pretty quiet, and the PWM control means they only ramp up when necessary—no unnecessary fan noise when I’m just browsing the web or watching videos.

On the downside, I experienced a bit of trouble with the RGB lighting and one of the fans. This could be down to a faulty unit or maybe I messed up the installation; regardless, it was a slight blemish on an otherwise smooth experience. The LED issue might stem from a SATA power connection confusion. Since my motherboard does support ARGB through its Aura RGB capabilities, I think I’ll recheck the cabling.

I appreciate the wide range of compatibility this cooler offers. It supported my LGA 1700 Intel socket without a hitch, and it’s good to know it’s versatile enough for various other sockets should I decide to switch things up in the future.

The customer service experience with the seller was top-notch too. Faced with my fan issue, their same-day response was a welcome surprise, and it’s always great to deal with a seller that’s prompt and helpful.

So, if you’re looking for a cooler that is mostly quiet, maintains solid performance, and has a well-designed software integration, the ALSEYE Infinity i360 might be just what you need. Just keep an eye on the minor niggles with fan and lighting setup, and you’ll likely have a smooth, cool-running system.

Software Integration and RGB Lighting Control

Alseye infinity i360 white aio cooler 4

Integrating hardware with software can often be a hit or miss situation, but in the case of the ALSEYE Infinity i360 White AIO Cooler, I’d say it leans more towards a hit—with a few caveats. Firstly, the proprietary “BEM” software that accompanies the cooler is a standout feature. The ability to monitor the CPU & GPU temperatures and frequencies in real time is a huge plus, especially for those who are into overclocking or just want to keep a close eye on their system’s thermal performance.

Additionally, the ARGB lighting on the cooler adds that custom touch to any rig. I appreciate being able to sync the lighting with my motherboard using the software, though it’s important to point out that this will only work if you have a compatible RGB header on your motherboard. If you have a board like the Rog Strix z690-e gaming wifi which supports Aura RGB, you should be good to go.

Let’s break it down some more:


  • Comprehensive monitoring through BEM software.

  • ARGB lighting is vibrant and customizable.


  • Software may have a learning curve for some users.

  • RGB sync is dependent on motherboard compatibility.

My main gripe has to do with the installation of the RGB system. While the cooler installation itself is a breeze, setting up the LEDs can be tricky if you’re not exactly sure what type of RGB header your motherboard supports. For example, if you don’t have an 5V 3pin ARGB header on your motherboard and you’re left scratching your head as to why the LED lights aren’t turning on—even after connecting to a SATA power. And speaking from personal experience, troubleshooting fan issues like the one where the fan tries to spin but gets stuck is not what you want to be dealing with after a smooth installation process.

However, when it all comes together, it’s hard to not be impressed. The fans are quiet and the PWM control means that your system only ramps up the fan speed when needed, keeping noise levels at a minimum. This cooler really knows how to keep things chill, and the added bonus of it looking sleek in the case is not something to overlook.

While I argue that the pricing could be more competitive—at around $125 it would be a steal—the ease of interaction with the seller and their prompt response to queries does add value to the overall package.

In conclusion, the ALSEYE Infinity i360 White AIO Cooler delivers on its promise of high-quality cooling performance with the bonus of aesthetically pleasing RGB. Just be prepared to possibly navigate some setup hurdles if you’re not entirely up to speed with your motherboard’s specs. Despite a few bumps in the road, once set up, I’m confident that users will find it to be a valuable addition to their system—both in looks and function.