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My thoughts on using the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic 92mm PWM CPU Air Cooler (2024)

My thoughts on ID-COOLING SE-914-XT: cooling power, silent operation, RGB lighting & installation ease.
Matthew Taylor



February 13, 2024


I recently upgraded my PC with the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic CPU Cooler and it’s been a game changer for my system’s performance. I’ve used various coolers over the years, but this one stands out for its balance of price and efficiency. It’s been performing well under different workloads, so I wanted to give a detailed rundown of its features.


Property Value Property Value
Product Dimensions 3.62”L x 0.98”W x 3.62”H Brand ID-COOLING
Power Connector Type 4-Pin Voltage 12 Volts
Wattage 1.56 watts Cooling Method Air
Compatible Devices Desktop Noise Level 25.8 dB
Maximum Rotational Speed 2500 RPM Air Flow Capacity 45.8 Cubic Feet Per Minute


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Id cooling se 914 xt basic cpu cooler front Id cooling se 914 xt basic cpu cooler in desktop Id cooling se 914 xt basic cpu cooler built in Id cooling se 914 xt basic cpu cooler items


Enhanced Cooling Performance

Id cooling se 914 xt basic cpu cooler front

When searching for a reliable CPU cooler that won’t break the bank, the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic comes to mind with its impressive combination of cooling efficiency and value. In my own build, I have found it to be more than adequate for most tasks, delivering a noticeable improvement in cooling performance when compared to a stock cooler.

Here’s a summarized breakdown:

  • Heat Dissipation: With its four heat pipes, the cooler does an excellent job of transferring heat away from the CPU. The heat pipes, paired with the 92mm PWM fan, are the real workhorses here, keeping temperatures in check.

  • Air Flow: The cooler’s max airflow of 45.8 CFM indicates a potent capability to move hot air away from your processor efficiently.

  • Compatibility: The compact height of 126mm ensures that it doesn’t interfere with RAM or PCIe slots on most motherboards. It fit well in my mid-size tower without any issues.

However, everything is not perfect. While the compact size is a plus for compatibility, it does lead to a natural trade-off in performance when compared to larger cooling units with more expansive heat sinks or those with dual-fan setups.

In terms of raw cooling ability, the SE-914-XT Basic manages to keep temperatures steady under typical usage and even light gaming sessions. Yet, it’s important to note that during periods of intense workloads like heavy gaming or video editing, temperatures can start climbing. Although it handles heat decently, don’t expect the same level of cooling prowess as more premium, larger coolers.

I did observe that for overclocking scenarios or for CPUs known to run hot, this cooler might struggle to maintain optimal temperatures, and something more robust might be necessary. It is a trade-off between size, aesthetics, and ultimate cooling capacity. For most standard users, though, the performance will likely be satisfactory.

Another thing to consider is the thermal paste application. The cooler comes with its own paste, but for someone chasing that extra degree of cooling efficiency, investing in a higher-quality thermal compound could spell the difference between good and great temperature management.

To sum up, the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic strikes a commendable balance between efficient cooling performance and physical compatibility for smaller builds. It’s a solid, budget-friendly choice for most users, but for those pushing their systems to the limit, additional cooling might be necessary. I’m content with its performance, especially given the price point, but it’s not without its limitations.

Quiet Operation and PWM

Id cooling se 914 xt basic cpu cooler in desktop

When it comes to quiet operation and PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control, the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic CPU Cooler stands out in a couple of pivotal aspects:

  • Precision: The PWM fan automatically adjusts speed according to the CPU’s temperature, which means it only works as hard as necessary.

  • Silence: Even at higher RPMs, the fan maintains a low noise level, which is a blessing for sound-sensitive users.

  • Efficiency: The fan’s ability to balance its speed for cooling efficiency without unnecessary noise is commendable.

However, there are a few nuances I’ve noticed:

  • The fan can emit a slight whine when ramping up or down, though this can often be mitigated by tweaking the fan curve settings in the motherboard’s software.

  • The max airflow of 45.8CFM is adequate for many setups, but for those with more demanding cooling needs, this might not be sufficient.

My experience with the fan’s noise level is mostly positive. During intense gaming sessions, I was impressed with how the 92mm PWM fan managed to keep things cool without a noticeable sound intrusion. The noise levels, stated to be between 14-25.8dB(A), stayed on the lower end during standard operations, which made for a peaceful computing environment.

In the world of cooling, where a balance between performance and acoustics is often a trade-off, ID-COOLING seems to have juggled these aspects well. Yes, the PWM fan isn’t the quietest on the market, but it’s certainly not disruptive. While playing games or running CPU-intensive tasks, I’ve observed the fan to get a bit louder, but it’s nothing that overshadows in-game audio or disrupts concentration during work.

It’s important to note that individual sensitivity to noise can vary, and what’s quiet for one user may not be for another. Additionally, system configurations and case designs can influence sound levels and cooling effectiveness. It’s always a good idea to look into the specifics of your build when considering a cooler.

Overall, I believe the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic meets the mark for users in search of a cooler that won’t send a racket through their setup. It handles its main task — keeping the CPU cool — without the common pitfall of being distractingly loud. While it may not satisfy extreme overclocking scenarios or compete with high-end, noiseless coolers, it offers a commendable balance for everyday use and moderate performance demands.

Aesthetic and Lighting Features

Id cooling se 914 xt basic cpu cooler built in

The ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic CPU Cooler has definitely caught my eye with its aesthetic and lighting features. It’s undeniable that a huge part of PC building has become the visual appeal, and this cooler brings some pizzazz without going overboard. Here’s a rundown from my perspective:

  • Addressable RGB (ARGB) Lighting: The CPU cooler boasts an ARGB lighting system that adds a captivating visual flair to my gaming setup. It’s compatible with my motherboard’s 5V 3-PIN connector allowing synchronization with my system’s overall aesthetic.

  • Elegant Design: Beyond the lighting, the cooler’s design is sleek and modern. The black finish on the heatsink and fan fits with almost any case interior.

  • Heatsink LED: Apart from the fan, the heatsink itself has integrated LEDs which create a nice glow without being too flashy.

  • Lighting Control: For those into customization, the lighting effects are quite versatile and can be controlled through compatible motherboard software like ASUS Armoury Crate.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. While I admire the bright and vibrant colors, they might not be to everyone’s taste. Additionally, if your setup is not equipped with ARGB headers, the lighting feature goes unused unless you purchase a separate controller.

From a practical perspective, the lighting provides a great touch of personality to my PC. I have to admit, there is something genuinely enjoyable about seeing your rig light up and respond to the in-game action or music. This cooler has managed to make both the heatsink and fan prominent elements of my PC’s visual presentation without compromising on cooling performance.

One minor inconvenience is the fan wiring for the ARGB; it could have been designed to be more manageable. Although not a dealbreaker, it required some effort to route and hide the cables neatly to maintain a clean look. Moreover, as bright as the LEDs are, I would have appreciated a way to adjust the brightness level directly without needing to rely on external software.

In terms of the actual impact on my day-to-day use, while I am primarily interested in performance, I can’t deny the added joy the lighting brings to my gaming atmosphere. It’s a small luxury that makes my personal space feel more custom and well-suited to my style. While aesthetics shouldn’t drive the decision to purchase a cooler, in the case of the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT, where functionality isn’t compromised, it’s a welcome bonus.

Installation and Build Quality

Id cooling se 914 xt basic cpu cooler items

Installing the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic CPU Cooler was an overall pleasant experience. Most users will find the process straightforward if they follow the provided manual closely. Personally, I managed to complete the installation without too much hassle, which is a testament to the cooler’s user-friendly design.

Here are some key points that stood out to me about the build quality and installation:

  • The heatsink and fan feel sturdy and well-crafted. There’s a reassuring weight to the components, indicating robust materials were used.

  • Mounting hardware is included and compatible with a variety of CPU sockets, which speaks to the cooler’s versatility.

  • Despite its size, it doesn’t interfere with RAM slots, a boon for those with mini-ITX motherboards or smaller cases.

However, the installation isn’t without its challenges:

  • If your motherboard’s layout is cramped, you might find fitting the cooler a bit of a “faff,” especially near the PCIe slots.

  • The thermal paste provided is satisfactory, but for peace of mind and potentially better performance, you might consider using a higher-end compound like Arctic MX4.

  • Depending on your case layout and motherboard, accessing some screws and brackets can be tricky. Having a magnetic screwdriver and some patience will help.

From a durability standpoint, the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic appears to be long-lasting — though time will tell if it holds up under prolonged use. The cooler fits snugly in my chassis, and even with it being relatively tight, the end result was a secure and seemingly durable setup.

One area of concern is the potential for the fan to develop a clicking noise over time. This seems to be a common occurrence with many coolers, not exclusive to the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic. If it happens, it’s reassuring to know that the fan can be easily swapped out for a quieter option like a Noctua model.

While aesthetics are not the main focus of this section, it’s hard not to mention that the cooler, apart from its primary role, adds a neat visual upgrade to the interior of the PC.

In summary, the ID-COOLING SE-914-XT Basic CPU Cooler offers a solid build and an installation process that is accessible to both beginners and seasoned PC builders. It’s a well-rounded component that balances the scales between practicality and style. However, users should be prepared to navigate around slight ergonomic challenges and possibly consider alternative thermal paste solutions for the best experience.