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My review of the Asgard Bragi V3 DDR5 32GB 6800MHz B-die Memory (2024)

Asgard Bragi V3 DDR5 RAM: great performance and heat dissipation, good real-world use.
Ronald Hall



October 10, 2023


I recently upgraded my PC’s memory with the Asgard Bragi V3 DDR5 32GB 6800MHz kit and it made a noticeable difference in performance. In this review, I’ll discuss the pros and cons of this RAM from my personal experience with it, covering its sleek design to its powerful operation and the few hiccups I faced working with the memory.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Asgard Computer Memory Size 32 GB
RAM Memory Technology DDR5 32GB (16GB x 2) 6800MHz Memory Speed 6800 MHz
Compatible Devices Desktop


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Performance and Stability

Asgard bragi v3 ddr5 32gb 6800mhz 1

When you’re in the market for RAM, speed and reliability are at the forefront of importance. With the Asgard Bragi V3 DDR5 32GB 6800MHz kit, I’ve had my expectations met, and in some areas, even exceeded. Here’s my honest take on its performance and stability:

  • Fast and Furious: Firstly, the 6800MHz speed is no joke. Upon enabling XMP3.0 in my BIOS, I saw immediate improvements in my workflows and gaming sessions. Load times shrunk, and I observed a fluidity in multitasking that wasn’t there before.

  • Stable as a Rock: Stability is crucial, and the Bragi series lives up to its promise. No blue screens, no random restarts—just consistent performance, which is precisely what you want from your memory.

  • Potential Hiccups: I did notice however that enabling the advertised speeds wasn’t plug-and-play for me. Manual adjustments in the BIOS were necessary, but not overly technical if you’re familiar with the process.

On a practical note, Asgard’s lifetime warranty is a big plus in my books. It speaks volumes about their confidence in the product’s endurance and stability. During my time with the RAM, I never faced any hardware defects or memory management errors that some users have reported. That said, I would urge you to ensure your BIOS is updated before installation to mitigate any potential compatibility issues.

I’ve heard a few concerns about the performance being marginally slower compared to other brands with similar specs, but honestly, in real-world applications, this difference is negligible. It’s not something I felt impacted my daily use or enjoyment.

Furthermore, I appreciate the peace of mind with the lifetime warranty and the fact that there’s free technical support available. Though I haven’t had to reach out to Asgard personally, it’s nice to know that kind of backup is there if I ever need it.

In my experience, it’s not all about the MHz or the flashy specs—even though the Bragi V3 certainly doesn’t skimp on those. Real-world usage is where the RAM has to prove its mettle. I can comfortably say that it has meshed well with my Asus B760 motherboard, and the modules slotted in without any issues. Any drawbacks, such as technical nitty-gritty with BIOS or the color discrepancies some have mentioned, pale in comparison to the overall value of this RAM.

Wrapping up, if you’re on the fence about which DDR5 to go for, the Asgard Bragi V3 should be on your shortlist. It looks good, runs fast, and—most importantly—maintains stability when you need it most.

Aesthetics and Design

Asgard bragi v3 ddr5 32gb 6800mhz 2

When it comes to PC builds, we often overlook the importance of aesthetics. But let’s be honest, a sharp-looking setup can make all the difference, and the Asgard Bragi V3 DDR5 32GB set brings a certain style to the table. I’m particularly drawn to their look.

First off, the design features are quite eye-catching. The double light guide strip is an elegant touch, with a piano key lighting effect that adds a subtle but noticeable flair to my motherboard. The symphony lighting effect is not just a gimmick; instead, it’s a classy way to showcase what’s under the hood without being too flashy. It’s designed with 4 groups of storage modes and 8 groups of independent LED areas, so customization is quite flexible.

Now, while appearance might not be everything, it still matters to me, and the Asgard Bragi doesn’t disappoint. The dark coffee color mirror vest which they call an elegant and simple design, though someone else might find it more industrial-looking. It’s dark enough to blend in with most motherboards, and has that mirrored look that reflects the RGB lighting nicely.

Here’s a quick rundown of what caught my eye:


  • Piano key design for a unique lighting effect.

  • Customizable lighting modes and LED areas.

  • Dark, mirror-like heat spreader for that sleek look.


  • The description says the color is dark coffee, but people might perceive it differently.

  • It may not match every setup if you’re picky about color coordination.

For a more tangible take, the heat spreader is made from 2mm thick high-quality aluminum. It’s not just providing looks but contributes to efficient heat dissipation. Some might say this is more about function than fashion, and they’re right, but the premium design quality makes it a standout feature in both.

While I’m pleased with the refined aesthetics, there’s a slight drawback. The color description can be misleading. It’s mentioned as ‘dark coffee color,’ but depending on your setup’s lighting, it might look almost gray or silver. This isn’t a deal-breaker, but when you’re aiming for a particular theme, details matter.

Overall, the Asgard Bragi V3 DDR5 32GB modules strike a nice balance between aesthetics and functionality. While the looks won’t directly speed up your computer, they’ll definitely make you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into your build a bit more. Plus, with the promise of a lifetime warranty, it’s clear that Asgard backs the quality of their design—both inside and out.

Thermal Management

Asgard bragi v3 ddr5 32gb 6800mhz 3

Thermal management is a critical aspect of any high-performance memory kit, and the Asgard Bragi V3 DDR5 32GB 6800MHz kit appears to have struck a noteworthy balance between aesthetics and cooling efficiency. Here’s a breakdown of the heat dissipation features based on my personal observations:

  • Heat Sink Design: The use of a 2mm thick aluminum heat sink is a commendable choice. Aluminum is known for its excellent thermal conductivity, and this thickness ensures a solid feel while effectively pulling heat away from the memory chips.

  • Build Quality: The dark coffee color mirror vest isn’t just for show; it feels premium and durable, which suggests it can handle the heat over prolonged periods without degrading.

  • Symphony Lighting Effect: While LED lighting doesn’t contribute to cooling, the added design doesn’t seem to compromise the heat sink’s functionality. The lighting is a nice touch that doesn’t seem to generate excessive heat.

From a technical perspective, the cold forging process mentioned for the heat sink implies a high-quality manufacturing process that ensures maximum heat dissipation. The cold forging of aluminum results in a denser, more uniform material structure which can enhance thermal transfer away from the memory modules.

However, there is always room for improvement. For instance, while the mirror vest looks elegant, it might not be as effective as other, more aggressively designed heat spreaders with larger surface areas or heat pipes.

Performance in my rig has been solid, with no overheating issues even when pushing the RAM to its advertised speeds. The Bragi V3 modules are adept at handling the increased heat output from overclocking thanks to their well-crafted heat dissipation capabilities. The thermal performance has so far mirrored the stability expected from this kit, even in extended gaming sessions or intensive workloads.

Nonetheless, while I’m impressed with the cooling aspect, I have also noted that the efficiency of heat dissipation can be somewhat dependent on the airflow within the case. Users with poor case ventilation might not experience the same level of thermal performance. Good airflow is a must to ensure that the heat sinks can do their job effectively.

In terms of a recommendation, I’d say that Asgard has done a robust job with the Bragi V3 series. The efficient heat dissipation, in combination with a lifetime warranty, offers peace of mind for both casual users and enthusiasts alike. While it may not feature the most advanced cooling technology in the market, the balance between performance, aesthetics, and price makes it a considerate choice for those building a high-performing, yet stylish PC setup.

Compatibility and User Experiences

Asgard bragi v3 ddr5 32gb 6800mhz 4

As I wrap up my thoughts on the Asgard Bragi V3 DDR5 32GB, it’s clear that compatibility and user experience greatly influence how we perceive the value of RAM in our systems. Here’s my breakdown:


  • Simple installation that meshes well with most motherboards, like my ASUS B760.

  • No crashes post-installation imply solid reliability.

  • Support for XMP 3.0 helps in fine-tuning performance.

  • Lifetime warranty is reassuring for long-term use.


  • Some reports of misleading speed and CAS latency descriptions.

  • A few instances of memory management errors and instability issues.

  • Needs manual BIOS adjustments for optimal performance.

Despite a few drawbacks, my overall experience leans towards the positive. The ease of installation was straightforward, which I appreciate. There’s nothing worse than fiddling around in a cramped case, and the Asgard Bragi V3 slotted in with no hitches. Moreover, the peace of mind from the lifetime warranty can’t be understated; knowing that the company stands behind their product goes a long way.

I noticed immediate performance improvements, especially in resource-intensive applications and gaming—no freezes or stutters to speak of. Activating the higher speeds via XMP profiles adds a bit of work, but it’s nothing a seasoned PC builder can’t handle. For newcomers, some guidance may be needed to ensure those 6800 MHz speeds are fully utilized.

Now, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. The discrepancies between the advertised and actual CAS latency and color description raised an eyebrow. It’s crucial for product descriptions to be spot-on to avoid any sense of buyer’s remorse. Plus, the memory errors some users have encountered are concerning. As someone who uses their rig for work and play, stability is key, and unexpected crashes can be a huge headache.

I must say, though, the Bragi’s efficiency and stability once set up correctly were impressive, and the lifetime warranty adds a reassuring safety net for the long haul. For those looking to add a touch of RGB to their setup, the Symphony Lighting Effect can add a subtle or bold flair, depending on personal taste.

Ultimately, the Asgard Bragi V3 DDR5 32GB 6800MHz proves itself to be a competent player in the realm of high-performance RAM. But a keen eye on setting up and the potential need for troubleshooting are slight caveats. If you weigh the pros and cons, the scales tip in favor of a solid, if not perfect, user experience.