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Review: Trying out the G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 32GB 5600MT/s Laptop Memory Kit (2024)

My thoughts on installing G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 32GB 5600MT/s for enhanced laptop gaming & high performance.
Matthew Taylor



April 21, 2024


I recently upgraded my laptop with the G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM kit and I’ve noticed a big difference in performance. This new DDR5 technology has brought faster speeds and improved power efficiency to my computer setup. With two 16GB modules, my laptop handles games and multitasking much better than before.


Property Value Property Value
Brand G.Skill Computer Memory Size 32 GB
RAM Memory Technology DDR5 Memory Speed 5600 MT/s
Special Feature High Performance


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G.skill ripjaws ddr5 32gb 5600mt/s sodimm two sticks G.skill ripjaws ddr5 32gb 5600mt/s sodimm brand G.skill ripjaws ddr5 32gb 5600mt/s sodimm two sticks brand


Introduction to DDR5 Technology

G.skill ripjaws ddr5 32gb 5600mt/s sodimm two sticks brand

With the advent of DDR5 technology, memory upgrades for laptops and computers enter a new horizon of speed and efficiency. My personal dive into the G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM kit has provided some clear insights into how this technology can transform system performance.

To offer a structured perspective, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Faster Data Transfer: The jump from DDR4 to DDR5 is significant, with the latter providing substantially higher speeds. In practical terms, this allows for quicker application loading and potentially smoother multitasking.

  • Higher Energy Efficiency: Despite the increase in speed, DDR5 does not linearly increase power consumption. It is designed to be more power-efficient, which is crucial for laptop users who rely on battery life.

  • Increased Capacities: DDR5 modules like the Ripjaws kit come in large capacities, which is great for gaming, video editing, and other memory-intensive tasks.

  • Forward Compatibility: Investing in DDR5 now can be a smart move for future-proofing your system, especially as more platforms begin to support it.

While the ripping speeds and higher efficiency of DDR5-5600 stand out, the steep CAS Latency of CL46 and the dependency on motherboard and CPU compatibility could dampen expectations. It’s important to ensure that your laptop can capitalize on the potential performance gains offered by DDR5. Also, as an early adopter of any new technology, the cost can be higher, which might be a drawback for those on a budget.

The G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 kit offers the potent combination of high capacity and performance, with a 32GB kit housing 2 x 16GB modules. I was particularly impressed with the dual channel configuration which, for gamers and high-performance users like me, is a noticeable upgrade. And with support for XMP profiles, achieving the rated overclock speeds was mostly a breeze, albeit motherboard and CPU limitations must be considered.

The importance of not mixing memory kits cannot be overstressed. Each kit is a matched set, optimized to work in tandem for stability and performance gains. I’ve learned from past experiences that mixing different kits, even of the same brand, can lead to disappointing performance or system issues.

The transition to DDR5 RAM memory technology might not be seamless for everyone, and the benefits will vary based on individual system configurations and use cases. However, for users who regularly push their systems to the limit, upgrading to DDR5, with products like the G.SKILL Ripjaws, is an investment in speed and efficiency that can’t be overlooked.

Performance and Efficiency

G.skill ripjaws ddr5 32gb 5600mt/s sodimm two sticks

When upgrading your laptop’s memory, the G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM kit jumps out as a significant improvement over its predecessors. I find its promise for faster data transfer and higher energy efficiency to be quite compelling. However, as with any technology, there are benefits and drawbacks. Here’s what stands out to me:

  • Higher Transfer Speeds: DDR5-5600 is incredibly fast. This speed increase is noticeable in memory-intensive tasks and gaming.

  • Energy Efficiency: Operating at just 1.10V for high performance is quite an achievement, arguably raising the bar for laptop memory efficiency.

  • Increased Capacity: A 32GB kit with 2 x 16GB modules is more than enough for most contemporary applications, allowing for efficient multitasking and seamless performance.

  • XMP Support: Having XMP support is a big plus, making it easy to reach the overclock speeds promised, assuming your laptop’s CPU and motherboard are compatible.

As for drawbacks:

  • Purchase price is higher compared to DDR4, but this is expected given the technological advancements.

  • Potential compatibility issues with existing hardware should be carefully considered before upgrading.

  • XMP profiles require compatible hardware and may not achieve the rated speed in every situation, which can be a bit of a gamble if you’re expecting top performance out-of-the-box.

The G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM kit does not have Error-Correcting Code (ECC), which isn’t typically an issue for most users, but could be a concern for those who need that extra level of data integrity, like in some professional or server environments.

With these thoughts in mind, it’s clear that the Ripjaws DDR5 kit is crafted for those who prioritize performance, particularly in the realms of high-performance or gaming applications. While the drawbacks are minimal and mostly revolve around price and compatibility, the benefits of speed and efficiency make it a tempting option for the right user.

Bottom line, for my personal use in gaming and content creation, the increased speeds and multitasking capability justify the investment in the Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM kit. The added assuredness that comes from buying a matched kit, preventing the instability that often accompanies mixing memory, is also a selling point for me. Finally, when considering such an upgrade, always check your laptop’s specifications and compatibility – referring to reliable sources like the manufacturer’s specification page comes in handy for this purpose.

Compatibility and Stability

G.skill ripjaws ddr5 32gb 5600mt/s sodimm brand

When upgrading a laptop’s memory, compatibility and stability are key factors to consider. The G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM kit, which I’m currently looking into, offers impressive specs with its 32GB capacity, spread over 2 x 16GB modules. Running at DDR5-5600 speed, this memory kit promises a noticeable performance boost for high-end computing needs, especially in gaming or demanding applications.

One standout feature that this kit boasts is the Intel XMP support, which simplifies the overclocking process to reach the advertised speeds. However, it’s important to note that these high speeds will only be achievable if your motherboard and CPU can handle them, which means you should check compatibility before purchasing.

Here are some key points to consider:

  • Ensure Motherboard Compatibility: Check if your laptop’s motherboard supports DDR5 memory and the specific speeds of this kit.

  • BIOS Settings: Verify that you can tweak the BIOS settings to enable XMP profiles without issues.

  • CPU Limitations: Remember that the CPU might limit memory speeds, even if the motherboard and RAM stick are capable of higher performance.

On the downside, the absence of ECC (Error-Correcting Code) could be a concern for those who require an extra layer of data integrity, particularly in professional environments where even the slightest error could be critical. For gaming and general high-performance use, though, the lack of ECC is typically not an issue.

A crucial point to remember is that mixing different memory kits can lead to instability or even system failure. To maintain system stability, only use the matched modules supplied within the kit. This rule rings true with the G.SKILL kit, which is explicitly designed to provide the best stability when its modules are used as a set.

Finally, while the CAS Latency of CL46 seems high, especially in comparison to some DDR4 modules, it is to be expected with DDR5’s higher speeds and does not necessarily indicate poor performance. In practice, the real-world difference is often negligible, particularly for non-professional use.

From my own experience, I’m leaning towards highlighting this G.SKILL memory kit as a solid option for those wanting to push their laptop’s performance, assuming their system meets the necessary criteria to take full advantage of the memory’s capabilities. While there are considerations to keep in mind, like making sure your system is compatible and understanding the absence of ECC, the benefits of improved data transfer rates and higher energy efficiency can’t be overlooked for high-performance computing requirements.

Before purchasing, checking the G.Skill Specifications page for detailed specifications is a wise step to further ensure compatibility with your system.

Product Specifications and Recommendations

Zoom on g.skill ripjaws ddr5 packaging highlighting key features

Upgrading to G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM has been quite an experience. After scouring specifications, I narrowed down my choices and this 32GB kit caught my attention for several reasons. First off, the kit includes two 16GB modules, quite the sweet spot for multitasking and gaming needs. Running at DDR5-5600 with a CAS Latency of CL46 and at 1.10V, it assures energy efficiency while pushing speed limits.

I was particularly interested in the dual-channel configuration, as it’s designed for high performance. Since ECC is not supported, it’s clear that this is tailored more towards gaming and everyday use rather than workstations requiring error correction.

Now, one of the highlights for enthusiasts like me is the support for Intel XMP profiles. Although reaching the advertised overclock speed depends largely on the motherboard and CPU, it’s reassuring to know that there’s headroom for performance gains.

Considering its specs, here’s a brief rundown:

  • Memory Size: 32 GB

  • Technology: DDR5

  • Speed: 5600 MT/s

  • Feature: High Performance, without ECC

It’s important to note that mixing memory kits could spell trouble. Stick to matched kits for the best compatibility and performance. Moreover, while browsing through G.Skill’s specifications page (link provided earlier), I realized they emphasize compatibility—so it’s essential to ensure your system supports the kit.

While these RAM sticks are a major leap forward, they aren’t without potential drawbacks. Price can be a concern for some, and not all systems will benefit from this high-end kit, especially if they’re not compatible with DDR5 technology or can’t handle the XMP profiles. Another aspect is that the CAS Latency of CL46 might be higher compared to some competitive options, which could mean slightly less responsiveness in certain scenarios.

Personally, upgrading to this kit has supercharged my laptop, providing a smoother and more responsive experience in gaming and heavy multitasking. The upscale in speed and efficiency compared to older DDR memories is evident. So, if you’re looking to extract every bit of performance from your system and your hardware is up to par, the G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR5 SO-DIMM kit is a worthy investment. However, make sure to evaluate your system’s compatibility before making the leap to ensure you reap all the benefits of your upgrade.