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Great firewall: My thoughts on using the SonicWall TZ470 (2024)

My thoughts on the SonicWall TZ470 NGFW’s power, ease of management, and advanced security features.
William Jones



January 12, 2024


At the office I recently tested the SonicWall TZ470 series firewall and was quite impressed by its security features and fast network speeds. For my business, this firewall provides a strong security solution without sacrificing speed.


Property Value Property Value
Brand Sonicwall Special Feature Access Point Mode
Compatible Devices Personal Computer Frequency 5 GHz
Recommended Uses For Product Security Connectivity Technology Ethernet
Item Weight 0.83 Kilograms Operating System Operating System
Number of Ports 10 Control Method App


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Sonicwall tz470 secure upgrade plus full view Sonicwall tz470 secure upgrade plus unboxed Sonicwall tz470 secure upgrade plus front Sonicwall tz470 secure upgrade plus manuals


Powerful Performance Unpacked

Sonicwall tz470 secure upgrade plus front

As I reflect on the cutting-edge features of the SonicWall TZ470 series, it’s hard not to be impressed by its powerhouse performance in a desktop form factor. The inclusion of 10 or 5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces makes this a standout option, especially for businesses that prioritize high-speed connectivity and have substantial data throughput requirements. Here’s my take on why this device could be a game changer for many:

  • Scalability: With high port density, I can connect a plethora of devices without the need for additional hardware. It’s especially useful for environments with multiple PoE devices.

  • Throughput: The multi-gigabit capacity is impressive. For my SMB or distributed enterprise needs, this means fewer bottlenecks and improved overall performance.

  • SD-WAN Integration: This is a boon for ensuring efficient network traffic flow, which is crucial for maintaining high-quality service for applications that rely on network performance.

Despite these robust capabilities, I do have concerns about potential complexity for some users. For organizations without dedicated IT support, fully utilizing these advanced features might be a hurdle. Although the ease-of-use features like Zero-Touch Deployment are helpful, a learning curve could still exist for the less tech-savvy.

From a hardware perspective, I appreciate the redundancy offered by an optional second power supply in select models. It gives me peace of mind knowing there’s a backup in case of power supply failure. The expandable storage up to 256GB is also a thoughtful addition for logs and reports, ensuring I won’t be left wanting more space any time soon.

Another area of interest is the Essential Protection Service Suite. As someone who values cybersecurity, having services such as Capture Advanced Threat Protection, complete with advanced technologies like Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection, makes me confident in the device’s ability to fend off modern threats. Plus, having 24x7 support with updates ensures my defenses won’t become outdated.

Admittedly, I’m drawn by the integrated gateway security solutions. My network architecture becomes simplified, yet robust, covering a gamut of security needs without the clutter of multiple devices.

In terms of practicality, setting up and managing the TZ470 series has been straightforward, aided by the SonicExpress App. Its SonicOS 7.0 operating system is both sleek and functional, providing an improved user experience over previous iterations.

While this isn’t the cheapest option on the market, for businesses like mine seeking a balance of performance, scalability, and security, the TZ470 series could be a solid investment. It represents a fusion of next-gen features catering to those who anticipate growth and evolving network demands. Despite the steep price, I believe the benefits justify the cost for a secure and efficient business operation.

Seamless Setup and Management

Sonicwall tz470 secure upgrade plus full view

In the realm of network security, ease of setup and ongoing management can be just as critical as the hardware and software capabilities themselves. From a personal standpoint, having worked with various firewalls and security appliances, the SonicWall TZ470 series stands out notably in how it simplifies these aspects. Here’s a brief rundown of my observations:

  • Zero-Touch Deployment: It’s definitely a game-changer, especially when you are setting up multiple devices across different locations. You don’t have to configure each device manually. Instead, you can pre-configure your devices so that they automatically download their configuration once connected to the internet.

  • SonicExpress App: For small businesses without dedicated IT staff, this is a valuable feature. It simplifies the initial onboarding, making it manageable for non-tech individuals to set up their security infrastructure effectively.

  • Single Pane of Glass Management: Managing your network through Network Security Manager or SonicOS provides you with a unified interface for monitoring and managing your security landscape. This centralization is critical for quick troubleshooting and consistent policy enforcement across the network.

When it comes to drawbacks, there are some considerations to be aware of. One potential hiccup for some could be the transition to the SonicOS 7.0 from earlier versions. It comes with a new interface and some different workflow processes which might require a short adaptation period. This can initially be a bit disorienting for users accustomed to previous versions, but once over the learning curve, the functionality feels intuitive.

I appreciate the practicality offered by the management capabilities. Whether it’s CLI, SSH, Web UI, or REST APIs, having diverse management avenues means you can choose the one that best fits your skill set and needs. For me, the ability to manage firmware and backup through these interfaces adds a layer of convenience and redundancy that is reassuring.

From my experience, easy management and setup significantly affects the overall user satisfaction with a product. With SonicWall TZ470, there’s a clear emphasis on creating a user-friendly experience with features like Zero-Touch Deployment and cloud management. Although the transition to SonicOS 7.0 might be challenging for some, the benefits it introduces for managing today’s complex networks are tangible.

In terms of setup, it’s essential to link to the official guidelines from SonicWall to ensure a seamless installation process ( Following the proper procedures can save you a lot of headaches down the line.

In summary, SonicWall seems to have struck a fine balance with the TZ470 series—between offering advanced features and keeping the setup and management aspects straightforward and user-friendly. For businesses looking to safeguard their networks without the added complexity, TZ470’s approach is spot on.

Robust Security Features

Sonicwall tz470 secure upgrade plus unboxed

In the realm of network security, the SonicWall TZ470 series touts some impressive features that have caught my attention. Ensuring my network remains fortified against a variety of threats is always top of mind, and SonicWall seems to have taken a comprehensive approach to this. First off, the hot topic of Essential Protection Service Suite is worth exploring. With features like Capture Advanced Threat Protection, Gateway Anti-Virus, and Intrusion Prevention, the suite seems to address the critical security needs of most small to mid-sized businesses.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • Capture ATP: A notable defense against zero-day threats that inspects memory in real-time, potentially stopping malware dead in its tracks.

  • Gateway Anti-Virus & Anti-Spyware: These are the first lines of defense against malicious software, providing a solid base layer of protection.

  • Intrusion Prevention: It’s essential to have a system that can identify and block nefarious activities before they breach the network.

  • Content Filtering Premium Services: Keeping inappropriate or risky web content at bay is vital, and this feature helps maintain professional and secure browsing practices.

The SonicOS 7.0 is another layer of reassurance with its modern UX/UI and advanced capabilities that seem to mesh well with the hardware. And with support for an extensive range of connectivity options, such as 8x1GbE and 2x10GbE ports, there’s a high degree of flexibility in network design.

However, while I’m fairly impressed, I also have concerns about the potential complexity for those not well-versed in IT. It’s marketed with an easy setup through the SonicExpress app and Zero-Touch Deployment, but I wonder how straightforward this process truly is for the average user. Small businesses without dedicated IT personnel might find the initial configuration to be a steep learning curve, despite the promised simplicity.

Moreover, while the specs mention support for a maximum of 32 access points, I haven’t had the chance to push its limits to see if performance holds up under such strain, especially in a busy network environment. Cost performance is lauded, yet for some smaller companies, the investment into this level of security may be daunting.

On the flip side, what’s notably encouraging about the TZ470 is real-time visualization and integrated SD-WAN. These are features that not only enhance security but also offer quality of service improvements and network efficiency benefits, which could be a major selling point for distributed enterprises.

Ultimately, my take on the SonicWall TZ470 is that it’s a robust option if you’re looking for an all-in-one security apparatus. From my point of view, the merits of comprehensive security features and future-proof technology do edge out the drawbacks. Still, it’s wise to consider the full scope of one’s IT capabilities and business size when investing in such a sophisticated firewall solution.

Future-Proof Networking Investment

Sonicwall tz470 secure upgrade plus manuals

Investing in the SonicWall TZ470 series feels like a smart choice for future-proofing my network infrastructure. With the ever-changing landscape of networking and security requirements, the TZ470 series stands out as a versatile solution. These next-generation firewalls come with multi-gigabit speeds and advanced security features that seem geared towards handling future technological strides.

These are some factors I took into account:

10 or 5 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces provide ample bandwidth for high-speed internal networking. * The ability to add up to 32 access points offers scalability for growing business needs.

Zero-Touch Deployment simplifies the rollout process across multiple sites.

However, deploying a system with such sophisticated capabilities does come with potential complexities. Although the SonicExpress App promises easy onboarding, my concern is that there may be a learning curve for businesses without IT personnel well-versed in networking and security. Also, while single-pane-of-glass management is advantageous for oversight, it can be overwhelming if you’re not accustomed to such a comprehensive control interface.

The Essential Protection Service Suite appears to be a well-thought-out bundle, covering most bases from anti-virus to content filtering and 24x7 support. The fact that they include firmware updates is reassuring as it’s critical to keep the security up to date against new threats.

With regard to hardware, I appreciate that SonicWall has included options like dual power supplies for reliability and an expandable storage of up to 256GB. This speaks to their understanding of business continuity needs and data logging requirements.

A feature I’m particularly intrigued by is the Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) technology within the Capture ATP service. It’s fascinating to think how this could thwart zero-day threats and advanced malware in real-time, a critical need in today’s threat landscape.

On balance, the SonicWall TZ470 series seems to offer a robust solution for businesses looking to secure their networks without sacrificing performance. The scalability options and integrated services like SD-WAN also make it an attractive option for distributed enterprises. However, the complexity of setup and the potential need for advanced IT knowledge might be a barrier for some.

From what I’ve gathered, SonicWall has created a product line that feels like it’s worth the investment, especially when considering the balance of cost performance and security effectiveness. The TZ series certainly paints a picture of a more secure and efficient networking future for SMBs and distributed enterprises alike.