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My experience with the Ediloca ES106 SATA III: 256GB SSD at 550MB/s (2024)

My thoughts on the Ediloca ES106 SSD (256GB): upgrading, speed, capacity, and longevity.
Donald Moore



January 11, 2024


I recently upgraded my computer’s storage to the EDILOCA ES106 SSD. The process was straightforward, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in performance. Initially, I was a bit concerned about the upgrade and installing the SSD - however, it turned out to be quite easy.


Property Value Property Value
Digital Storage Capacity 256 GB Hard Disk Interface Serial ATA-600
Connectivity Technology SATA Brand Ediloca
Hard Disk Form Factor 2.5 Inches Hard Disk Description Solid State Drive
Compatible Devices Laptop, Gaming Console, Desktop Installation Type Internal Hard Drive
Color BLACK Hard Disk Size 256 GB


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Upgrading to Solid State

Ediloca es106 256gb ssd black 1

Upgrading a computer can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but after my recent switch to an EDILOCA ES106 solid state drive (SSD), the benefits have far outweighed any initial hesitations. Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

  • Faster Boot and Load Times: The moment I swapped out the old mechanical hard disk for the SSD, start-up times and application loading became significantly quicker.

  • Shock and Vibration Resistance: Knowing that there are no moving parts inside the SSD to worry about provides peace of mind for the longevity and safety of my data.

  • Increased Responsiveness: Whether I’m gaming or working, everything just feels snappier. This responsiveness is a game-changer for productivity and entertainment.

  • Compatibility and Installation: The drive is compatible with a range of operating systems and the SATA III 6Gb/S interface works even in older machines with SATA II, no additional drivers or software needed.

  • Energy Efficient and Quiet: The SSD runs cooler and quieter compared to a traditional HDD. The reduced power consumption is an added bonus, especially in a laptop.

However, it’s not all perfect. One drawback is that SSDs can come with a higher price per GB than traditional HDDs. This means I had to consider the cost against the capacity required. Moreover, the advertised space is not always the usable space due to system files and formatting; 119GB out of a 128GB is a noticeable difference.

I also noticed that prices can fluctuate, and while I got a good deal on my purchase, the cost to expand or purchase additional SSDs for backup had suddenly gone up.

Despite a few minor setbacks, the EDILOCA ES106 SSD meets and sometimes exceeds my expectations for a solid state upgrade. While there’s always a faster drive or a newer model around the corner, this drive hits a sweet spot between performance and price for both my gaming and work needs. Hence, I would recommend anyone sitting on the fence about upgrading from a mechanical hard disk to consider taking the leap—with the right research and a bit of know-how, it can breathe new life into an aging system.

Performance and Stability

Ediloca es106 256gb ssd black 2

The EDILOCA ES106 SSD has been an integral upgrade for my computer setup. I was looking for a balance between performance and cost, and this drive seemed to fit the bill just right. Here’s how my experience pans out in terms of performance and stability:

  • Speed: The read speeds hitting up to 550MB/s and write speeds at a competitive mark of 450MB/s have noticeably accelerated my startup times and file transfers. It’s a breath of fresh air compared to the sluggishness of a traditional mechanical hard drive.

  • Silence and Durability: I appreciate the silence during operation, which is a stark contrast to the constant hum from my old HDD. Plus, the SSD’s shock-proof and drop-proof build gives a sense of physical reliability, which is reassuring.

  • Heat and Energy: The low operating temperature and the minimal power consumption are notable. It stays cool even under heavy loads, which is pivotal for the longevity of the drive.

However, there are a couple of aspects that require attention:

  • Capacity Realness: While the advertised capacity is 256GB, the actual usable space is slightly less due to formatting. It’s a common aspect with SSDs but can catch someone off the guard if they’re not familiar with it.

  • Install and Setup: The installation is straightforward, but new users should be ready to format the drive before use. It’s an extra step but not a major hurdle.

  • Longevity Questions: As with any SSD, I am curious about the endurance over time. While the three-year warranty is comforting, there’s always a lingering question about how it’ll perform in the long term.

My personal daily tasks involve a fair bit of gaming, general office work, and occasional graphic designing. In each of these domains, the EDILOCA ES106 held up admirably. Whether it’s near-instant game loading times or quick data accessibility for software like Photoshop, the SSD hasn’t failed me.

I also tried it on an older laptop with a SATA II port, and even there, the drive churned out commendable speeds — a clear testament to backward compatibility and its ability to breathe new life into ageing hardware.

In a nutshell, I am impressed with the EDILOCA ES106 SSD’s steady performance. Yet, I keep my eyes open for any potential hiccups in the long run. Still, as of now, it serves as a robust bridge between the need for higher-speed storage and affordability. It’s working great, but I’ll reserve my final verdict for when it’s withstood the test of time.

Capacity and Expectations

Ediloca es106 256gb ssd black 3

When it comes to upgrading an older system, storage space and expectations play a crucial role in the decision-making process. With my recent acquisition of the EDILOCA ES106 SSD, I approached the upgrade with a specific set of requirements. Here’s what I considered:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Finding a blend of affordability and performance.

  • Capacity: Needing a decent amount of space for operating system, applications, and games.

  • Performance: Expecting a noticeable improvement in load times and responsiveness.

The EDILOCA ES106 offers a good balance between price and capacity, which was a significant factor for me. I purchased the 256GB model, understanding that some of the listed capacity would be used for formatting and not available for storage. With factory settings, a 1GB is counted as 1,000,000,000 bytes, but on the computer, this translates to about 0.93GB. So for the 128GB SSD, I expected the actual usable space to be closer to 119GB. The same logic applies to the 256GB version, where the available space would be roughly double that amount.

While there are budget-friendly options in the market, they often compromise on speed or durability. My concerns with the EDILOCA ES106 were minimal, given the advertised read/write speeds of 550MB/s and 500MB/s, respectively. These speeds are more than adequate for my needs and have resulted in a significant improvement compared to my old HDD.

In terms of drawbacks, there’s the reality that the actual available memory capacity is less than the advertised one due to the way manufacturers calculate a gigabyte. Another concern lies in the longevity of the drive; I can only speculate based on my few months of usage. Yet, the fact that it has a 3-year warranty service is reassuring.

The notable aspects about this SSD include:

  • Speed: It definitely delivers on this front.

  • Silence and Temperature: The drive operates quietly and stays cool.

  • Shock Resistance: Being solid-state means it’s better suited to handle bumps and drops.

Despite its appealing price point, one can’t help but wonder about the long-term durability, especially if it’s used in environments that demand constant reading and writing tasks. However, so far the EDILOCA ES106 has been reliable. The installation process was also straightforward and manageable even for someone who had never replaced a drive before.

Ultimately, my experience has been positive. The EDILOCA ES106 met my expectations for speed, storage, and reliability—outperforming my old HDD and breathing new life into my laptop. I appreciate its compatibility with older interfaces, which made it a fitting choice for my upgrade needs. While time will be the ultimate test of its endurance, the improvements in performance so far have been impressive.

Long-term Reliability Reflection

Ediloca es106 256gb ssd black 4

In the realm of storage upgrades, my journey with the EDILOCA ES106 SSD has mostly been a tale of boosted speed and convenience, but, as to be expected, it hasn’t been without a few caveats. Here’s a rundown of my findings, laid out in simple terms:

  • Pros

  • Remarkable improvement in boot and load times

  • Reliable performance over the past few months

  • Straightforward installation process

  • Noticeably better energy efficiency and operating silence

  • Cons

  • Slight uncertainty about long-term durability

  • The actual available storage is less than advertised

  • Price fluctuations can affect the value proposition

The speed and energy efficiency of the SSD was immediately noticeable. Installation aside, which was a breeze, seeing my old laptop come to life with boot times dropped from a minute to mere seconds was nothing short of impressive. It’s not just a number game; the practical, everyday impact of such an upgrade is substantial. It turns an old workstation into a snappy machine, ready to tackle tasks with a new vigor.

In terms of silence and temperature, the SSD maintained its cool, quite literally. I haven’t once been disturbed by overheating or noise, which is a big plus for a work environment that demands concentration. It feels reassuring to operate the laptop without the hum and heat typically generated by mechanical hard drives.

Now, while the initial experiences have leaned towards the positive, I do maintain a sliver of caution for what the future holds. The three-year warranty is definitely appreciated, but there’s always the looming question of how the SSD will fare in the long haul. Though, the ES106 has shown no signs of wear or performance degradation thus far.

Another point to ponder is the storage discrepancy. It’s commonly known that the listed capacity is not entirely usable, but for those unaware, it might come off as a slight disappointment. You’ll find that some of the storage is reserved for system use, so the actual space for your files is somewhat less.

Lastly, the factor of price fluctuation. When I purchased the additional SSDs for my server, the cost-per-unit had jumped, diminishing the deal’s sweetness. Price changes are a norm in the tech market, so while this turn of events isn’t damning, it does affect the overall satisfaction, especially when buying in bulk.

In wrapping up, the EDILOCA ES106 SSD has delivered a performance that sparks joy in everyday use. It’s fast, quiet, and has so far proven to be reliable. Yet, the prudent will keep an eye on those little niggles of storage capacity and will track the price to snag the best deal. Overall, if my experience is anything to go by, the ES106 provides a much-needed breath of new life into aging machinery, with just a few aspects to stay mindful of.