The best, and latest, GPUs in 2024 - particularly for gaming / machine learning.

Our thoughts on the latest, and best, GPUs in 2024, particularly for gaming and machine learning.

January 11, 2024

On this page we reflect on the best, and latest, GPUs in 2024, particularly for gaming and machine learning.


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The Role of GPUs in Modern PCs

Graphics Processing Units, or GPUs as the cool kids call them, are like the wizards of the PC hardware world. They handle all the heavy lifting when it comes to making images, videos, and games look fantastic on your screen. Imagine trying to paint a massive mural with just a toothbrush; that’s your CPU trying to process graphics without a GPU. So why are GPUs so darn useful in a PC setup? Let me give you the lowdown.

First off, GPUs are specialized for parallel processing, which, in layman’s terms, means they’re great at doing lots of tasks at the same time. This makes them particularly good at:

Secondly, for the gamers and creators out there, a good GPU is a ticket to silky smooth visuals and quick render times. You know the frustration when your computer chugs along during a game or video playback? Well, with a decent GPU, those days are as good as gone. Imagine playing the latest gaming title or editing your newest video blog without wanting to throw your mouse across the room. That’s the joy a GPU brings.

Lastly, and let’s not forget this one, GPUs also lend a hand in some unexpected places like data science and machine learning. It turns out that their number-crunching prowess is not just for pretty pictures; they can also help tackle complex calculations that help machines learn and predict. Who knew, right?

In summary, GPUs are a PC’s best friend when it comes to anything visual or data-heavy. They keep things running smoothly while your CPU takes care of the rest. Without them, we’d all be staring at loading screens way more than we’d like to admit. So next time your screen lights up with vibrant colors and sharp images, give a little nod to the humble GPU working tirelessly behind the scenes. Cheers to that!