Our thoughts on the latest, and best, routers in 2024.

January 12, 2024

On this page we reflect on the best, and latest, routers in 2024.


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Why Routers Are a Household Necessity

Routers ensure we stay connected to the digital ocean with minimal hiccups. In essence:

Routers are the unsung heroes in the back corners of our houses or the flashy, antenna-laden monoliths on our desks, making sure our binge-watching marathons don’t buffer at cliffhanger moments. They connect all of our gadgets – from laptops and phones to smart fridges and doorbell cameras – to the internet, often simultaneously. How cool is that?

And let’s not forget about Wi-Fi. Without routers, there’s no Wi-Fi, which means no scrolling through your feed while lounging on the couch or video-calling from the bathroom (we don’t judge). Routers give us the freedom to move around our homes without losing that precious signal.

Security-wise, do you fancy the idea of just anyone piggybacking on your internet or snooping around your smart home devices? Of course not. Routers help keep your digital domain locked down with encryption and firewalls, kind of like having a guard dog, but less hairy.

In summary, routers are incredibly useful. They’re the internet gatekeepers to our increasingly online lives, providing connectivity and security without making a fuss. Whether we’re gaming, working, or streaming, they’re working tirelessly to keep our digital needs satisfied. Life without a router would be a return to the digital dark ages, and nobody wants to go back there. So, here’s a shout-out to that little box with blinking lights – you’re the real MVP.